Vegetable-centric and delicious meals, made with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Always inspired by the taste of my childhood memories.

I’ve always loved to wake up in a new place. Since I was a kid, my parents took care to show me and my sister how big, beautiful and diverse the world is. But today, I want my travels to be more conscious; they too often are a stimulus in our life and travelling is not always sustainable. Walk with me through my culinary and eco travels and get inspired by a new, more meaningful way to see and taste the world.

Apart from being an online presence that hopes to inspire just a little bit, I also work full time as a food photographer, videographer recipe developer, and food stylist.

Recently I started consulting restaurants/food brands on food innovation and training kitchen staff.

I’m happy to connect and work with like minded people on creative projects whether it’s sponsored posts, video, photography, recipe development, travel or any other related projects. Please feel free to reach out at

Here you can find everything that goes beyond recipes. Get my latest Spotify playlist curated by me, read about my favourite cookbooks, learn about gardening, how I organize myself as a freelance and find out if I still get some free time for my best hobbys like dancing, cycling or doing nothing at all.

I'm Ana, a certified plant-based chef with an old love for food styling and photography. I definitely can’t live without lemons, olive oil and everything fermented. Welcome into my online world where I share nutritious, simple and flavourful recipes that are always inspired by the taste of my childhood memories.

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