Salted Caramel & Chocolate Mousse Pots

The softest and fluffiest mousse made with only 2 basic ingredients + a luscious caramel made with dates and dark brown sugar. Decadent, definitely. Edible joy, really.

This mousse recipe is straightforward to make, but I feel like it lacks popularity. I've seen it on Food52 long ago and made it regularly since, along with the avocado version. The *Aqauafaba or tofu ones are good too, but I prefer these two as they are much quicker to make and fix a decadent dessert in no time.

I also prefer making this by using a good quality dark chocolate (instead of cocoa powder) which gives an intense chocolate flavor to the mousse. I don't use any extra sweetener simply because the chocolate itself is sweet enough. The mousse should also be slightly bitter so it will nicely pair with the super sweet & salted caramel.