Spiced Carrot & Orange Jam

Having a fresh, citrusy flavor, the Spiced Carrot & Orange Jam is definitely fun and surprisingly palatable.

As with many of my recipes, this too is easy and quick to make, saving old soggy or young carrots and caring about the #nofoodwaste movement.

The carrot jam might seem unexpected, but it's quite popular in Middle Eastern cuisines - with addition of flavors like cardamom and rose water, we just made an easily recognizable and delicious Persian jam.

Southern Portugal has a sweet spot for this preserve too as well as the UK back in the Victorian Era. In the 1900's, Mrs. Beeton wrote 3 different carrot jam variations in her well-known cookbook and household management - with added brandy, slivered almonds, lemon or a mix of beetroot and carrot. Quite interesting!

More modern recipes would include spices like cinnamon and bay leaves.

Now you can choose whatever spice is calling to you!

Following my Insta stories feedback, many of you were super interested in this jam so I re