• Recipe Creator, Food Photographer & Food Stylist @ Erbology, UK

• Dessert Stylist  @ The Rawz Cakes, Belgium

• Kitchen trainer @ JUICE IT, Bucharest, Romania

• Photographer and Stylist @ So!Good Coffee, Bucharest, Romania

• Photographer and Videographer @ Superfood Bakery, UK

Visual content creator @ Veggie Pride Parade, NYC

• Chef, Recipe Creator, Food Photographer & Food Stylist @ Wild Forest Cuisine, Romania

• Recipe Creator @ GinnyBakes, US

• Recipe developer @ Lab Organic Juice Bar, London, UK

• Product Photographer @ Atelier Cetrei, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

• ​Sweetly Raw Desserts, workshop 

THRIVE Food Magazine,


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• Feed Feed/Veggie Burger feed, Jan 3, 2016
• Feed Feed/ Vegan Desserts Feed, Jan 3, 2016
• FeedFeed/ Brussel Sprouts Feed, Feb 24, 2015


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I'm Ana, a certified plant-based chef with an old love for food styling and photography. I definitely can’t live without lemons, olive oil and everything fermented. Welcome into my online world where I share nutritious, simple and flavourful recipes that are always inspired by the taste of my childhood memories.

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