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I wrote a cookbook!

New Vegan Baking: A Modern Approach to Creating Irresistible Sweets for Every Occasion

I’ll start like this: I love desserts. And baking is one way of finding my peace of mind. 

I find cakes and sweets to be a celebratory and an important part of a well lived life, and if you have any dietary considerations or restrictions, you should still be able to indulge in respectable desserts and never be obliged to compromise in your totally normal cravings, texture or flavor.


This book is a collection of exactly those kinds of recipes. They all honor big and bold flavors, without the use of any animal product. But I didn’t want it to feel too technical - while I enjoy a good challenge, my aim is to focus on simple ingredients and techniques with minimal effort and impressive outcomes. So, if you’re a reluctant home baker, these recipes will empower you to be more confident in your free-from baking. Each recipe is carefully written to help you achieve rewarding results. Because I’ve been there: looking for the best ways to improve unconventional, vegan recipes that match my taste expectations is not an easy task.

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about New Vegan Baking

This cookbook is divided into six main flavor profile chapters. Here’s what you’ll find in each of them:


Chocolate & Caramel

Packed with bold and rich desserts, this chapter will teach how you to successfully veganize and add a twist to your chocolate cookies, brownies, or chocolate cake. Get ready to be impressed by a new take on the Boston Pie and the Raw Caramel Bars, which are simply out of this world.


Think of tangy sour cherries baked in an upside-down cake, perfectly crisp pie filled with summer’s best berries, or luscious tropical fruits embodied into a dreamy Chantilly cream and fluffy layers of cake sponge. Baking with fragrant seasonal fruits can’t beat anything else, and I’m saying this as a chocolate lover!


This chapter is bursting with bright and zippy flavors! You will learn how to combine citrus with unique flavors and ingredients — such as olive oil, thyme, corn, or cucumber — in vegan desserts that are not only delicious but modern and impressive too. 


Every single recipe in this chapter is a statement of uniqueness. Go for the Pecan Nuts & Anise Biscotti as a companion to your coffee, the Matcha Rice Pudding as a sweet, comfortable hug, or the Pumpkin Mousse & Cookie Crumb Parfait as a contemporary choice to the classic pumpkin pie.

Coffee, Nuts & Seeds

Filled with nutty, earthy, and round flavors, this chapter will also teach you how to work with vegan leavened doughs or binders that simplify your vegan, gluten-free baking. You will find here a stunning mocha cake that I LOVE, a soft and fluffy poppy seed babka, and many other addictive sweets — get ready!


This chapter will carry you through some seriously delicious desserts such as the Strawberry, Prosecco & Lemon Curd Cake (ah! love it), the Pumpkin & Bourbon Brûlée Tart (drooling), or the Caramelised Banana & Irish Cream Sheet Cake (I know you’re drooling too). All of these are joyfully spiced with a hint of booze that just makes everything better!

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