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Gardening in May

Preparing the garden soil and plant the seedlings

Spring is very busy in the garden.

When the weather starts to get warmer, everything comes back to life.

But you have to start preparing the garden early. Clean, revitalize the soil, trim old plants, add fertilizer, etc…

The first things we planted in the garden are onions, garlic and radishes. They are so resistant you can sow the seed in February (which is around 7 degrees C).

And just one month beforehand, in March-April, we planted a round of seeds and usually they are resistant plants like spinach, artichokes, lettuce salad, parsnip, parsley, leeks or carrots.

Back to April.

By this time, some perennial plants are already green and strong, like lovage, horseradish, and sorell.

It’s the perfect time to plant the picky seedlings: tomatoes, peppers of all sorts, zucchini and cucumbers. Also, this is a good moment to plant other greens like kale or swiss chard, beetroot and aromatic herbs.

When planting tomatoes and peppers it’s imperious to add fertilizer when you transfer the small plants. You would think tomatoes are more sensible but actually peppers need a bigger quantity of fertilizer.

As a fertilizer we use chicken manure (which is fermented chicken poop. and also smells horrible) but if you don’t have that, check the internet for making natural compost (there are some yeast based fertilizer recipes out there).

From now on we would water the garden regularly, every morning or evening and we’d hope for as much sun as possible in May so our plants will grow strong.


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