Summer: Eggplants in tomato sauce

The other week I found out how new to our area eggplants are. My grandfather, who worked in importing and exporting veggies (35 years ago), told me that when he received 1 wagon full of eggplants, people didn't know what they were and no one bought any.

We accepted eggplants in our lives in the end but not many recipes were developed since then.

For example, my grandmother only made the eggplant salad which is a baba ganoush without tahini in it.

Very rarely, we did stuffed eggplants like Karniyarik or Imam Bayildi.

Eggplants are very summery and full of flavour, but what I love most, is their texture. I prefer eggplants sautéed in cubes a lot more than completely mashed. They are tender and fleshy and they easily borrow other flavours.