Best dips for fries: yoghurt mayo and harissa relish

I am more the sweet and sour sauce type, but there are so many dishes you can dress up in mayonnaise and get a finger liking dish that anyone will enjoy.

The mayonnaise recipe I used until now had a base of hydrated cashew cream that was absolutely delicious, but (sometimes) too heavy.

The idea of using yoghurt is not something original and I just remember how we used to liquify the traditional mayonnaise with yoghurt instead of heavy cream. That way we would get a more runny mayo, and some recipes called for that - like in the homemade liver pate.

So I had my favourite soy yogurt on hand and I just mixed in the mustard and spices. I was so happy when I tasted it: no more nuts and no more soaking, I said. Why haven’t I thought of that before?

It is definitely lighter and the overall taste is pretty similar. I think the trick here is to generously add olive oil, so you’ll give the yogurt some good fat that will change the watery taste of the yogurt.

Also I think the yogurt you use should be a good one; I prefer the soy yogurt because it is more creamy and thick, it’s not very sour or too sweet and it doesn’t have any other extra flavours (like the plain coconut one, let’s say).