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Workflow playlist

I chose to share my personal likes in terms of music simply because I think sharing is caring :)

So often I found gems like songs or artists and since this platform is sharing based, I think it could be useful to anyone who loves music and encounters a little bit of boredom in their own playlists (like I do sometimes).

Through the years, I have collected music very meticulously. Sometimes afraid the internet will just disappear I just had to stock them somewhere offline.

Not the case anymore...

I am definitely in a long term relationship with music. I listen to it all the time, anytime, no matter what. And I just love navigating through all genres, starting with rock, classics, going funk, meeting dancehall, returning to ballades, finishing with experimental. I can connect with almost anything, except country 🤷‍♀️

Some times I find ecstatic songs, well coagulated, with positive and curious vibes.

Other times I just walk around memories and I find it refreshing to go back into the past and bring back old feelings.

Playlists will be made monthly and usually will have a theme that works for me.

This one is a short playlist of songs I listen to these days, while working. That includes lots of recipe filming, photoshoots and editing.

I think the easiest way to describe this playlist is energetic with hints of persuasiveness.

Other playlists I have in mind are soft (and long) mornings, kitchen dancing, travel vibes, non conformist yoga…

I am also curious to know what kind of music speaks to you. Do you have any nice playlists you want to share with me and the community?


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