Summer: Whole wheat galette with stone fruits

So this happened last week.

And the same thing 2 weeks ago. Truth is, I was between developing a recipe for a client and managing to make space in my fridge for all the fruits and veggies I've received from my grandma's garden. Among all, there was a huge quantity of apricots, so I thought I'll make a pie. Then I found lots of raspberries. They would go bad the next day so after blending 2 liters of berry smoothie, I started to knead a basic french dough, as I usually make for a quiche (somehow).

I missed these kind of desserts. I used to make them so often back in the day. What I especially want to share with you today is the crust recipe as there were so many of you that asked me for it on Instagram. The crust is made with very few ingredients and I promise you it has the greatest texture : crumbly but not dry, nutty but somehow fresh, it melts in your mouth and it pairs just perfect with the baked stone fruits. I love how simple this recipe is but yet so rich in taste and texture! 

For this recipe I used very ripe ap