Warm winter salad with coconut and horseradish yogurt

Hot beets and butternut squash with ice cold citrus-horseradish yogurt dressing and marinated red onions. A wonderful color palette and bold, delicious flavours.

Brimming with flavour, this salad packs a hefty nutritional punch thanks to the beetroots, squash, the horseradish, and greens. It's super bold with hearty flavours, the spicy coconut, horseradish dressing and the sour marinated onion freshes it up. I love how easy to make it is; with my oven running all day I just threw in a few whole beets wrapped in aluminum foil and a tray full of sliced squash.

The dressing can be made with any kind of yogurt, just keep the horseradish paste (divine!) or just make a simple horseradish honey/maple vinaigrette but I personally love the coconut taste, it gives the dish a special kick and creaminess and also tames the horseradish super-powers.