Stuffed pumpkin with tomato beans, spinach and raisins

If you're looking for a rich Christmas dinner dish, look no further. This hearty and festive dish is vegan, gluten and nut-free.

My favourite part of this is that the stuffing can be customisable and you can play with your favourite veggies, grains and spices to your own liking, and the sauce and steps are more like a building block. What I suggest is always keep a grain or bean + some greens in it.

For this one, I chose to make the beans become friends with the spinach and leeks and they got along so well. The raisins and black olives are the little princesses in the story and they give a little punch and holiday feel to the baked pumpkin. The parsnip will give the dish sweetness and more depth of flavour and it will round up everything.

I also added a few squeezes of lemon juice to the