Smoked potato and spinach stew, our house meal

I know it’s summer, but I’m sure this recipe will open your appetite for a warm, comforting dish even now.

Potatoes have the sweetest taste and softest skin in summer so I love preparing this when the weather gets a bit rainy. If you make this in a big batch, it will only become better after 2-3 days.

So it’s definitely something to have in the fridge and make each member of the family happy.

My lover is a pizza and pasta man, but he can’t resist an earthy stew like this. It’s sweet, smoky, full of runny sweet and salty sauce, the spinach is soft and the marinated onion gives it a modern twist.

It’s also quick, easy to make and really cheap. Perfect to make in the middle of the summer when the carrots are fully developed. If you don’t have spinach, you can always replace with swiss chard or kale - these are also in best in the summer.