Early spring: Farm radish and spring onion salad

It was an early Thursday morning when my grandpa came into the kitchen with a big bowl of radish and spring onions salad.

I was all dressed up to go to the farmer’s market, but he insisted I have some bites because it wouldn’t last until I get back. I was hesitant thinking it will have too much flavour to eat for breakfast, but guess what? It didn’t.

In fact, I immediately sat down while eating and asked grandpa how come I didn’t know about this until now.

He told me it’s a salad he makes only for himself, as my grandma didn’t really like it. So it’s like his little secret. And the season is short, anyway...

As a family, we are delighted by fresh salads like this one, but we just love pickles and fermented veggies much much more. Except s