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Vegan foodie in Berlin

Yumcha Heros and Berliner Fernsehturm

If going with your best girlfriend on a food trip is not the best thing ever, then I don’t know what is!

Iulia and I booked a 4 days trip to the capital of Germany and we set one goal: to enjoy as many coffees and food as we could (big coffee lovers here, say hi 👋).

We planned our trip very seriously: I made long lists with places to eat and go while she organized the whole itinerary logistics from morning to dawn like a pro.

Obviously we didn’t have so many mornings to go on all 15 breakfast places I wrote down on the list, so it was a really hard job to choose just 4. It was hard, especially because I didn't know what to expect: was it all trendy food or was it actually genuinely good food?

Well, the short answer is: vegan food in Berlin is excellent.

So let’s get to the point.

Here are my recommendation for dinner, lunch and coffee&breakfast, as well as some extras, like vegan donuts shop, vegan currywurst, sourdough bread and their vegan supermarket (yes, all products are vegan!).



Tasty cold pressed juices and breakfast. Nothing spectacular, but dishes were on point, good hummus, good avo toast. - Daluma

Nice cafe latte, made with their homemade plant based milk. We went for breakfast there but all the vegan options were on the sweet side, and I am a savoury breakfast eater. - HERMANNS Eatery

Loved the interior and overall atmosphere. I had a vegan zucchini and ‘cheese’ sandwich. Very nice vegan lunch bowls, gluten free options and a big selection of baked goods. - Kaffeebar

Best vegan croissant. When I went back (10 minutes later) to buy another one, they were all gone! So if you want to try it, go early. - Neue Liebe

Coffee shops

Brammimbal’s Donuts


Dinner & Lunch

Ayurveda traditional food, Nepalese, Tibetan cuisine. Mito Cha!

Classic chinese dumpling without the use of MSG additives. The green soup was top notch- Yumcha Heroes

Delicate, elegant and outstanding food. Loved everything, including their extra virgin oil.

We serve modern, organic food in our restaurant, with a focus on seasonal produce mainly sourced from our own farm and the farmers and producers in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. We offer a delicious and abundant breakfast buffet; a comforting, quick and healthy lunch; and a contemporary share-plate style menu for dinner, always with vegetarian and vegan options throughout the day. - Michele Berger Restaurant

At Cookies Cream tradition meets the future. Back in 2007, there were no recipes and no rules for a vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Berlin. So we created a cuisine of our own which is about using modern techniques of processing, as well as old knowledge of ingredients. - Cookies Cream

Mediterranean, Persian and Austrian influences, vegan options - NENI

Brasserie-Restaurant, vegan on request- Spindler

Modern Mexican food - La Lucha

Vegan currywurst - Curry at the wall


All the flavours you can dream of for your vegan donuts are here + coffee. New flavour selection every month - Brammimbal’s Donuts

Sourdough bread and coffee - Zeit für Brot

Vegan supermarket. It exclusively sells vegan products and their own brand of chocolate is amazing - Veganz

Yumcha Heros


La Lucha

La Lucha

La Lucha



Yumcha Heros


La Lucha

Vegan baked goods. Can't remember the place

La Lucha

The House of Small Wonder


What are your best food trips yet?


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