Sourdough focaccia

I’ve learned how to bake my own sourdough bread 4 years ago and it was life changing.

I was so charmed by it I didn’t want to try anything else. I kept thinking that if I fail, I will ruin the sourdough magic process in my head.

Last year I tried a sourdough focaccia when I was left with more than 150 g of leaven and didn’t want to throw that much.

I’ve searched online and through my Tartine Bread book but all the recipes had too many steps, and I wasn’t in the mood for strictly following a new 24 h process recipe.

But I found an opportunity to play with this and promised myself I won’t be sad if it fails. I would know it was all my fault because I didn’t follow a precise recipe, right?

The process was still a bit long, as all sourdough processes are, but far more simple.

There are not stretching the dough steps, no cool proof or bench rests.