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Vegan Christmas Menu

Looking for some super delicious, vegan and wholesome recipes for your Christmas table? Well, look no further. Here are 8 vegan festive courses with complex and well developed flavours that will be appreciated by everybody. Gluten- free and nut-free options included.

Are you ready for this? Because I am!

Scroll down to get a feel of what is going to be on my Christmas table, among other traditional dishes that just can't be left out.

These are basically a collection of my favourite winter dishes that fall more on the festive spectrum.

Like this Sweet Pea Pesto with Nasturtium that can be a great appetizer to share on crostini, sourdough toasts or focaccia. It's super nourishing and simple to make and I love it when kids get excited about it.

Next, the main dish that won't disappoint anyone: Stuffed pumpkin with tomato beans, spinach and raisins. It's hearty, full of spicy, sweet and smokey flavours and full of beans (who doesn't love BEANS?) Plus, is super easy to make and I bet you already have all the ingredients in your pantry.

Another great appetizer that can be a cool finger food are these incredible Vegan Crispy Cauliflower Wings. You just have to try these, really. My grandma loved cauliflower and she always tried recipes with it: I vividly remember the mayo cauliflower salad and the egg batter fried cauliflower - that was my favourite. The recipe started from there and I (think) simply nailed the result with these.

But you can also serve them with the sweet chili mayo as a main dish, a side of these colourful Sweet pea and potato garlicky mash, + a super fresh salad with pomegranates and you are good to go.

The Warm winter salad with coconut and horseradish yogurt is an elegant side that will elevate a meat-based main dish, a vegetarian or a vegan one. It's earthy but also fresh from the yogurt and punchy from the horseradish - which is a super traditional taste in our house during winter.

Now going forward to the sweet part: In our family, Christmas means many, many types of dessert. But I don't want to get burned out before the party starts, so my way of easing all the work is to use the same ingredient in more than one recipe. Actually, these two desserts are super linked together. So if you're like me, these are going to save you: Orange and persimmon vegan cake roll and Vegan Tiramisu. These recipes use the same sponge and same coconut whip cream, but the taste will be the complete opposite. And a complete delight!

Last but not least, Creamy tahini no-Eggnog will be suitable for both adults and kids as well (if you choose to make it alcohol-free). It will bring a smile on everyone's face. It's super healthy, in fact, and don't even mention how healthy it is, just let everybody enjoy this super-rich cocktail.

I hope these 8 carefully chosen and developed dishes will complete your Christmas table. Or why not, they'll make a full dinner table by themselves.

But most importantly, take it easy, don't stress to much be kind and grateful. Remember that this is a celebration, so celebrate yourself, your loved ones and enjoy every moment.

Happy Holidays and see you next year.



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